2009-2010 AFG Highlights

IDP assistance:

IDP Children – Isani Kindergarten project for children/ 46 IDP children (age 2-6)-rehabilitation, education, entertainment (+ renovation of place and some equipment and toys, books). Funds from AFG of $43,194 in 2009 and 2010 were primarily from an oil corporate charity in the U.K.

Recent grant of $5,000 in 2010, for a bathroom next to the building. Until now, the children have had to be taken to a temporary toilet made by the Red Cross that is far from the building. This grant also will purchase a vacuum cleaner and gas stove for the kindergarten as well as renovate the floor and begin repairing the kitchen.

Skills for Life Vocational Training Program for IDPs – AFG established an ambitious Pilot project 200 IDP from Khurvaleti and Tsminda Tskali have been trained with practical skills for self-sustainable and income generating activities. These include vocational education in construction skills, landscaping, computer skills, English language instruction, cosmetology, massage, hair stylist, small and medium business administration, ceramics and enamel cloisonné making (Grants $24,000 from U.S. Embassy in Georgia, $10,000 from the Rapidan Foundation and $15,000 from the Anne Dillon Dunwalke Trust)

Assistance of Leukemia Children /Hematology-Oncology Center at the Children’s Republican Hospital
Transportation fund-provide support for sending Georgian children to Freiburg, Germany for radiation treatment, which is not available in Georgia. So far we have sent 7 children as well as one young man to the Hadasa Clinic in Israel for surgery.
AFG has also set up an art rehabilitation program to lift the spirits of the children fighting leukemia. AFG provided medicine and equipment for the children with leukemia as a result of cooperation with Project HOPE.
Art supplies delivered to the Hematology-Oncology Center by Project HOPE and GlaxoSmithKline for the children to use during the AFG sponsored arts and craft therapy program.

Parents’ House
A Parents’ House modeled on the Ronald McDonald House program will open on April 16, 2010. Funders include the Cordaid Foundation of the Netherlands and AFG. AFG with support of AmCham helped fund this project. The U.K. office of Project HOPE, which coordinated the donation by GlaxoSmithKline, made possible the building of the kitchens in the Parent’ House.

Environmental Education
Institute of Decorative Gardening and Ecology
AFG assisted by equipping the Institute’s computer classroom with 6 laptops with a grant of $3,000. AFG also made possible educational trips for the teachers and most promising students to Warsaw and Bonn, which leads to valuable partnerships and mentoring. AFG provided funds for Mother Tekla, the Institute’s director, to build a greenhouse for the school where students can further their education by learning to grow and sell plants which in turn produce income for the needs of the Institute. AFG is paying for Mother Tekla’s ticket to London in May 2010 in order to establish a mentoring relationship for the Institute of Decorative Gardening and Ecology with the British Gardeners Society.

Containers and Cooperation with Project HOPE
AFG and Project HOPE agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding in 2008 with Project HOPE packing and delivering pharmaceuticals, disposables and equipment and shipping 4 containers with a value of $1,879,412 to AFG in 2008 and 2009. AFG distributed the contents to five referral hospitals in Tbilisi.

GARDASIL Urban Pilot Project
AFG in cooperation with the National Screening Center (NSC) in Georgia and with support from Humanity International, is starting the GARDASIL Urban Pilot Project in May 2010 – a cervical cancer prevention project. The goal of the project is to decrease morbidity from cervical cancer in Georgian women and give Georgia experience in designing and implementing HPV vaccination projects and experience in developing effective operational models for adolescent immunization. The vaccines are donated by Merck and Co, Inc. through Axios Healthcare Development. AFG will receive and monitor vaccines — value of donation is $2.4 to $3.0 million.

Education Project for Javakheti – Art Books for Georgia
AFG joined with the residents of Wellfleet and other Cape Cod towns in collecting a wonderful library of donated art books, which were sent via the U.S. Embassy to the St. Zosime Vocational Boarding School in the region of Javakheti, Georgia. One of AFG’s Georgian partners, The Georgian Textile Group, is working in this isolated region of Georgia. Over 150 heavy and expensive art books have been collected. The school will make the library available to the whole community of Akhalkalaki in Javakheti.

Mercy Center Hospice Nursing School
AFG received a grant of $5,000 for Mother Mariam’s Hospice in 2009 from the Nef Foundation for four months of daily operating expenses at the hospice and two months of salaries of 5 nurses assisting terminally ill patients at home. In 2010, AFG provided $10,200 to the Hospice Nursing School to fund transportation of the young nursing students between the Nursing School and their elderly and sick patients who are in hospitals or at home. The grant will also cover food and uniforms for some of the students. AFG also provided a grant of $5,000 for renovation of the Nursing School.

Society Biliki
Society Biliki is providing education and a supportive environment for 6-16 year old children at risk of the street in two day centers in Gori – Biliki and Skhivi. Gori, with a population of 6,500, is now the home to over 3,000 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from South Ossetia 2008. In 2010, AFG helped Biliki renovate a larger space in the Kombinati Settlement where there are 2 IDP collective centers. As a result, Biliki can take in 45 children a day at the Skhivi Center instead of 30 children a day.

Georgian fairy tales
AFG sponsored the publication of an English translation of Georgian fairy tales, translated by Archil Khantadze and including illustrations by Sandro Eristavi, a well-known painter. AFG’s grant of $3,000 produced a beautiful illustrated book with a recording of the fairy tales on CD. Any profits from the books will go to AFG’s projects.

Kindergarten for Deaf and Mute Children
AFG gave a grant to replace the floor and windows at the Kindergarten for Deaf and Mute Children in Tbilisi where 200 children are living

Dzegvi/Bediani Bursury Fund
AFG funded $14,252, with the important assistance from the oil corporation charity in the U.K., the Dzegvi/Bediani Bursury Fund. This is a scholarship fund for the former street children to attend university. This is very important to the volunteers and nuns who have raised these children because they need to be able to give the children skills so that they will become independent through employment. AFG gave a grant of $10,000 in 2010 to purchase a car that can transport supplies and younger children living in Bediani between Bediani and Tbilisi. The car will also serve AFG’s work with IDP children from South Ossetia (Samachablo) near Gori. AFG also gave funds for Bediani to purchase 24 new beehives for the community and to give Bediani children Internet access with the rest of the world for the first time.

Napertskala Summer Camp
AFG funding of $2,500 paid for a wonderful summer camp for Napertskala’s handicapped orphans. It also paid for some renovations to their regular building in Tbilisi where these orphans come to learn crafts and other independent skills.

Children’s TB Hospital
AFG applied to the Ross Foundation, which funded much needed equipment for the Children’s TB Hospital. $6,200 purchased a Portable Ultrasound Unit to localize extra pulmonary lesions and monitor treatment progress in children with widespread TB infection, especially effective with infection of the brain. $1,700 purchased a Patient Monitoring System to track vital signs of bedridden children.

Georgian Library Donated to National Center of Manuscripts
AFG received a valuable library from the widow of Professor Wachtang Djobadze which AFG gave to the National Center of Manuscripts, under the Ministry of Education, in Georgia. Dr. Djobadze, who died in the U.S., was the only archeologist to be able to investigate and record the Georgian churches and monasteries in Georgia’s historical lands of Tao and Klarjeti (now part of Turkey) during the years of Georgia’s Soviet occupation. Many of the monuments he studied in Turkey and in other countries have been destroyed and his library is the only documentation of these important sites.