AFG Project – Bediani Children’s Village

Bediani Children’s Village

Bediani is a home like orphanage consisting of 5 houses currently serving 14 children which began in 1998.

Where:  Kvemo Kartli region of Georgia.

Project Serves : Orphans and children from families in poverty; including former street children and internally displaced children.

Groups of 6-10 children live in individual houses in the village with one or two teacher/parent volunteers. Currently, there are 14 children living in Bediani – 6 boys and 8 girls, aged from 6 to 19. Bediani is a real community for the children with gardens to grow food, educational activities, and the keeping of domestic animals like goats and chickens.

Complete care is provided for the children including their learning, health care needs and help for higher education as they grow older. Including regular visits by psychologists from The Young Psychologists Association who hold supportive training for the children.

Georgian Project Leaders: Abbess Mariam of Transfiguration Convent and Zviad Khapava


Our visit to Bediani in October 2014. I’m taking notes from Zviad about what’s needed as we tour the classrooms and orphanage. – Marusya


One of the houses for the groups of 6-10 children  live.


There are more children who need to come to Bediani to live. Rooms and house improvements need to be made to make space for them. There is an urgency to meet their needs and finish construction during this summer and fall 2015.

“All the houses were built about 60 years ago and need some improvement works. We are constantly repairing furniture, since its old and in poor condition. It would be great to have several stoves for all the houses or to install a heating system in separate houses which would be much more efficient. A washing machine would help a lot, too.” – Zviad

In addition to the above: The pick-up truck needs new tires and funds for gas is much needed.


Zviad Khapava showing us one of the classrooms ( October 2014) AFG Tour guests: Aylette Jenness and Sukey Wagner in foreground


Houses are heated with old stoves. it gets very cold in Bediani, It’s high up in a mountain gorge (2788 feet above sea level), so temperatures in winter go near zero.










How it started – In 1998, Abbess Mariam of Transfiguration Convent  who took active care of the fate of street children realized the need to move rehabilitated children living at Dzegvi Community ( another AFG project) into a more home-like environment. She saw the opportunity to purchase small houses in the village of Bediani where some of her nuns were working in a local hospital. Together with AFG she traveled in the U.S. to raise funds to purchase the houses.

As the Bediani project started, AFG gave a grant to purchase houses, domestic animals and seeds. Simultaneously, AFG initiated negotiations with Chevron Oil Company in Georgia which led to purchase of two more houses in Bediani.  AFG also gave the grant to buy a pick-up truck which is necessary to bring groceries in, take children to the doctor, and travel to events and excursions.