AFG Mission: Provide practical humanitarian assistance to the children and families of the country of Georgia.

Former street children at NGO Biliki

American Friends of Georgia, Inc. was formed in 1994 to help the people of the country of Georgia during a difficult post-Soviet transitional period. The organization’s mission is to provide practical humanitarian assistance to the peoples of Georgia and the Caucasus Mountain Region in order to improve educational, economic, social, medical and environmental conditions. Georgian organizations have asked AFG for specific help and funds in establishing and maintaining care-giving programs to alleviate the suffering of their most vulnerable citizens. Our goal is to help these organizations become more self-sustaining. AFG also aims to support Georgian artists’ efforts to preserve and promote their art and culture. AFG is a non-profit, non-political public charity with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

AFG raises and sends donated funds to Georgian hospitals, orphanages and new non-profits (NGOs) which might otherwise be overlooked by larger donors. AFG works with international humanitarian organizations based in Georgia and with Georgian organizations known for their honesty and professionalism. We only fund projects where relief is sure to reach the needy.

AFG is also committed to help reduce the sense of isolation from information felt by Georgians in this post-Soviet period by seeking mentoring from Western colleagues in such areas as depression and drug addiction treatment, education and care for disabled children and the latest methods of treatment for certain diseases.