The collapse of state funded medical care in Georgia in 1992 resulted in several epidemics, including tuberculosis, spreading in a shockingly short period of time. Obsolete equipment and deteriorated facilities in Georgian clinics and hospitals add to the crisis. Additionally, there is no money to buy medicine with the result that Georgians are needlessly dying. Since 1995, AFG has helped Georgian hospitals and clinics with funding for medicines, for medical equipment, for building renovations and for teachers.

  • Assistance for Children Suffering with leukemia — The American Friends of Georgia has been working for nearly a decade to help children and their families find treatment and solace during their battle against this devastating disease. (Learn More click here)
  • Children’s Department, National Cancer Center — Transforming an antiquated, dismal institutional facility into a child-friendly, warm and spotless hospital wing. (Learn More click here)
  • Children’s Tuberculosis Hospital — Supporting the courageous work of Dr. Tengis Gvasalia in saving children’s lives otherwise doomed to die from this curable disease. (Learn More click here)
  • Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic — Dedicated and caring, Dr. Shota Japaridze almost lost a deaf child patient during cochlear implant surgery due to outdated anesthesia machines. He appealed to AFG who sent two modern replacements. (Learn More click here)
  • Bobokvati Clinic — Serving a widespread population in Western Georgia, this ruined clinic has little of anything. AFG has begun to help by restoring water to the building.
    (Learn More click here)
  • St. Nino’s Medical Clinic — With the closest medical care over two hours away, Abbess Elizabeth has started a medical and dental clinic to serve residents of Poka, near the Armenian border. (Learn More click here)