Since 1995, AFG Has:
* CONTRIBUTED to the start-up and expansion of the Dzegvi Orphanage for over 130 street children. AFG has also supplied books, clothing and funds for food and the renovation of the dormitory and schoolrooms. AFG networking resulted in a group of American theatre artists giving a generator and wood stoves to the orphanage resulting in light, heat and sanitation.

* RAISED funds to purchase houses, livestock and seeds to start a self-supporting community for the homeless elderly, homeless single mothers and over 60 rehabilitated former street children from Dzegvi in the village of Bediani. It is with great pride that we are able to say that several graduates from Dzegvi Orphanage/Bediani Village are now attending Georgian universities.

* PROVIDED funds for drugs, x-ray film and purchase of a new pediatric bronchoscope for the Children’s Tuberculosis Hospital in Tbilisi.

* RAISED funds for the Kutaisi Psychiatric Hospital in Georgia’s second largest city to provide groundbreaking treatment for depression and alcohol addiction.

* CONTRIBUTED to the modernization of the Children’s Department of the National Cancer Center with new bathrooms, bedrooms and a dining room.

* RAISED funds to start the Mercy Center, the first hospice in Georgia, to care for the seriously and terminally ill. Also raised funds to start the first School for Hospice Nurses in Georgia giving training to young women from poor families.

* PURCHASED a building and a generator for the Shelter for Single Mothers in Bediani whose families have thrown them out because they are unmarried.

* PROVIDED funds to NGO New Life for the purchase of a building, a vehicle, school supplies and teacher salaries. New Life is the first school for disabled children in Eastern Georgia.

* ASSISTED the Tbilisi Psychoneurological Dispensary in the creation of the first home care program for the mentally ill elderly. Funds also created the first in-patient Geriatric Department at the Institute of Psychiatry for this same population.

* RAISED funds so that NGO Biliki, educating street children in Gori, could purchase a building to house a laundry helping them achieve self-sufficiency.

* CONTRIBUTED to the startup of the Ecology School which teaches children ages 10-15 ways to protect the environment in Georgia.

* HELPED a group of Georgian parents start a hospital teaching program for children requiring medical care for Leukemia in long hospital stays.

* SPONSORED teacher salaries for the Children’s Learning Center for three years, where teenagers were taught English and computer skills in cooperation with the Soros Open Society Foundation and the U.S. Embassy.

* ARRANGED for the shipment of four general anesthesia machines, two to the National Cancer Center and two to the Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic.

* PRESENTED and sold high quality Georgian art to the New York art world in cooperation with the Soros Open Society Foundation, Doyle New York and the Beadleston Gallery.

* ASSISTED in the startup of St. Nino’s Medical Clinic in Poka, Javakheti, the “Siberia of Georgia”, where the closest medical care is over two hours away.

* PROVIDED funds to bring Abbess Mariam to the U.S. on three occasions to visit American supporters and raise funds for her projects.

* LOADED a 40 foot overseas container with 550 boxes of clothing, books, school supplies, toys, backpacks, computers, shoes, sheets, blankets, soaps, camping equipment, kitchen equipment, medical supplies and a dental chair sent to 21 different partner organizations in Georgia. These were donated by the United Nations, Cape Cod Hospital, the D.C. Rotaract Club and many individual Americans from all over the United States and shipped to Georgia by Counterpart International and the State Department.

* AFG’S executive director has provided networking support to the executive directors, most of whom are women, of new Georgian Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) working with orphaned, abandoned and disabled children. She has introduced them to each other and has lobbied for additional support for them from the U.S. Embassy, the World Bank, foundations and corporations.

* WORKED for two years with the World Health Organization and the Georgian Foundation to run a TB control project in Sagarejo and 18 villages in Eastern Georgia, training Georgian doctors in the WHO’s special protocol to identify TB and to administer medicines including Direct Observation Techniques.

* HELPED to arrange for an international symposium in Tbilisi on Georgian textiles in 1997, and in 1999 provided funds so that the Georgian Textile Group could hold a special felt symposium featuring local crafts people from the Caucasus mountain region of Tusheti who work with Georgian fleece.

“Everything you give away remains yours and everything you keep is lost forever.”
Shota Rustaveli, 12th century Georgian epic poem, The Knight in the Tiger’s Skin.