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Learning English and computer skills

Dear Friends,

We wanted to share a great project AFG and the Megobari Foundation are helping to fund! Helen Beckner, a volunteer with Peace Corps Georgia, developed a project to coordinate a technology center and training for young schoolchildren and their teachers in Khoni,Georgia.


Technology training in May 2015 with staff members at Khoni Public School No. 4


Helen has worked with several English teachers in Khoni to host summer camps and after school programs that help with career advancement and professional skills development among teenagers. This is a program she hosted at Khoni Public School No. 2, which has a computer lab.

Funding was needed to purchase laptops and a projector to run training sessions.


Helen is preparing for the upcoming school year and now she doesn’t need to borrow equipment for each training session.

With the help of Helen’s course curriculum, the center will train more than 200 children and 25 teaching professionals in the Khoni community by the end of 2016!


The Megobari Foundation is a network of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers that works to improve the lives of the people of Georgia.

Helen will send more information and pictures as the school year starts in Khoni.




Update on October 10, 2015


Getting set up to teach with the laptops and projector.

Helen sent some pictures of the Technology training sessions with educators. The goal was for teachers to be comfortable with using the new laptops and projector to use in their classrooms.


Helen Beckner hiking Khevsureti, an isolated region in the northern Caucuses of Georgia that borders Chechnya.


Helen holding the teacher training

Training Topics included: Computer Settings Navigation, How to set up and put away the projector, How to use the CD Player,how to use the loud speakers. We also went over the various steps to set up equipment, the buttons, and outlets for all of the cords and plug ins. With the speakers we learned how to insert and play audio off of a laptop, iPhone, USB chip, and through Bluetooth. The participants practiced doing these steps of their own.


Teachers learning about equipment

Update on November 24, 2015
Helen writes…
Congratulations to our 12th graders. They won “best video” for creating a presentation in English about Vardzia. This is part of a larger Peace Corps project called “History Project helen6Georgia.” Last spring, the 11th grade and the English teachers went on an excursion to Vardzia, a very ancient cave city in Georgia. After the excursion, the students created a video and Powerpoint presentation in English about the historic place. We couldn’t have done it without the support of our teachers, especially our English teacher!
This week’s technology lesson theme: Google products navigation phase 1- using gmail. helen8We practiced getting used to the google chrome browser layout and with the layout of gmail accounts. Many of the teachers have gmail accounts.


Thanks for reading and for your support of AFG!


    Marusya Chavchavadze