Children’s Emergency Fund

Personal Observations from the Executive Director: Frequently, with no notice, we are asked to provide emergency funds for crisis situations involving food, medicines, clothing and shelter for Georgian children. The need to help children sometimes overwhelms me! The AFG Children’s Emergency Fund is our effort to respond to this great need. I am personally acquainted with many of the children. I know the joy in their eyes and the gratitude expressed by their hugs. I know they appreciate our gifts. When you see children this needy, they become yours. They await our help.

AFG Accomplishments: AFG’s Emergency Children’s Fund has:

  • Provided funds for food, light and clothing to the children at the Dzegvi Orphanage after a German organization, which had been covering 60% of the daily needs, was unable to continue its support. After searching for alternative sources, Mother Emilia at the orphanage said to us, “The children are almost starving.”
  • Provided funds to renovate a building in Niqozi to be used as an educational center for refugee children from South Ossetia

Current Needs: We need funds to replenish our Emergency Fund reservoir. We never know when we will be asked to respond to a crisis among the vulnerable children and elderly in Georgia.