Culture & Art

Culture & ArtPart of AFG’s mission is to present the country of Georgia in a positive light through Georgian art and culture. Georgia’s art and culture goes back thousands of years when Georgia was the crossroads between East and West on the ancient Silk Route. Georgians were known for their beautiful metallurgy, silk embroidery, enameling and felt work. AFG is helping Georgian artists to preserve and promote their art and culture who are reviving the ancient traditions in their textile art, jewelry making, sculpture and painting. Georgian dancers are world renowned for their agility and grace.

  • Nina Ananiashvili, State Ballet of GeorgiaLearn More)
  • Beadleston Gallery Event – On June 19, 2001, at the Beadleston Gallery in New York City, AFG started a long-term project to popularize Georgian art and culture in the U.S. (Learn More)
  • Doyle New York Event – On November 29, 2004, at Doyle New York, AFG presented to the New York art world outstanding examples of Georgian art and cloisonné. (Learn More)
  • AFG Gallery – Examples of Georgian arts and artifacts are displayed on this page (Learn More)