During Soviet times, Georgian parents of mentally and physically disabled children felt pressure to hide their children from society either by placing them in terrible institutions or keeping them at home. They were believed to be uneducable. AFG is helping our Georgian partners to provide these children with education and social skills, so that they can participate fully in the community. This groundbreaking effort changes the perceptions of the parents, the children and the community about the children’s full potential.

  • NGO New Life — This is the first day school for disabled children in Eastern Georgia. It offers an alternative to institutionalization of these children and is being supported in part by their self-sustaining activities in Telavi (Learn More click here)
  • The First Step — Disabled orphans rescued from Kaspi Orphanage are being cared for by specially trained staff in a warm, pleasant home sponsored by The First Step Foundation (Learn More click here)
  • NGO Napertskala — Mentally handicapped orphans make their way on the weekends to this art school where they learn to make handicrafts, to socialize with others and to develop good personal hygiene habits (Learn More click here)