Dzegvi Shelter Building Fund

AFG has undertaken a huge task with a VERY TIGHT DEADLINE, and we need the support of everyone who cares about Georgia.

THE FINANCIAL PLAN FOR THE $264,000 DZEGVI SHELTER RENOVATION PROJECT involves two main sources of funds: AFG and the Japanese Embassy whose contribution depends upon AFG raising its share of $184,000 by November 1.

Thanks to the wonderful sponsors and supporters at our GALA IN TBILISI last December, AFG already has $50,000 toward the DZEGVI SHELTER BUILDING FUND. We are so grateful to all of the participants but especially to our primary sponsor, Ivane Nakaidze, founder and managing partner of the Petrocas Energy Group.

With our leadership, the DZEGVI SHELTER BUILDING will become a reality.  Nearly 100 homeless elderly, mentally ill and physically handicapped, and abandoned mothers with their children will benefit when the building is completed.


THE BUILDING will not only include residential facilities but will also meet the critical need for additional public spaces for educational and vocational training, medical care, art therapy, and children’s gymnasium.

AFG, over the years, has provided assistance to both Dzegvi and Bediani and continues to assist these children, 25 of whom are currently in university, or have graduated, under the sponsorship of our Higher Education Scholarship Fund. 

In 1995 Abbess Mariam established the DZEGVI ORPHANAGE for children and later many of the children moved to Bediani Village to grow up in a more home-like atmosphere. Sixty children moved to Bediani in 1999.


Leaking roofs, inadequate or absent sanitation, and refuse are unacceptable living conditions. We can and should help build a viable shelter–DZEGVI COMMUNITY SHELTER–that houses and rehabilitates Georgia’s most vulnerable.

This is an UNUSUALLY EXCITING OPPORTUNITY to help large numbers of vulnerable Georgians.  We need to raise 184,000. by November 1st. Please help us help build the DZEGVI COMMUNITY SHELTER.  

Please consider joining our peer-to-peer social fundraising campaign or make a donation today.