Education & Social Services

AFG's Education & Social Service programs aim to ensure access to an education and a chance at a better life for all Georgians by:

Providing permanent housing and education for homeless and low-income children and adults

Dzegvi Shelter Community

The only free shelter of its kind in Georgia, offering crucial assistance and a sense of community to vulnerable and low-income Georgians. Learn more...


Bediani Children's Village

A nurturing community and education for orphans and children from families in poverty. Learn more...

Supporting and advocating for children and adults with disabilities

Together for Real Changes

A peer-to-peer network of parents, children, local services, and municipal governments committed to delivering services and support to children and adults with disabilities. Learn more...

Facilitating access to education for at-risk youth

Higher Education Scholarship Fund

Provides students from Bediani Children’s Village and Dzegvi Shelter Community with the financial support to achieve their higher education goals. Learn more...

Inspiring and engaging youth to be engineers of change

Youth Platform

Engages high school students in hands-on learning about the importance of philanthropy, volunteerism and preservation of Georgia's cultural heritage.


Ecology Summer School Project

Raised awareness of ecological and environmental conservation among low-income children in Tbilisi.