Elderly: Mentally Ill

The elderly in Georgia are suffering because the old mechanism of state funded protection of health care and pensions has been weakened. This added stress has increased mental illness in this population. AFG is helping our Georgian partners to provide compassionate care to mentally ill elderly Georgians. Dr. Nestan Duduchava, one of Georgia’s leaders in humanitarian work, is going above and beyond government sponsored programs in providing special care for the mentally ill elderly.

  • Tbilisi Psychoneurological Home Care Program — Home visits to the mentally ill elderly has “prevented many tragedies and saved many disserving but lonely and disadvantaged persons”, says Dr. Nestan Duduchava. (Learn More click here)

  • Geriatric Department, Institute of Psychiatry
    — The first hospital department providing acute psychiatric care for mentally ill elderly patients who have no families to care for them. (Learn More click here)