The Ecology School Project


Mother Tekle and children

The Ecology School Project 

Project Goals:

  • Provide a full day summer program for urban children ages 10-16. The children learn about and help to protect their natural environment with seminars, hands-on workshops and excursions. The program offers meals, different studying materials and toys to make it fun and educational.
  • Inspire younger generations about environmental conservation.The devastating economic situation in Georgia has had a significantly negative impact on the environment, reflected in the major destruction of forests and green areas of cities.

Project Serves: Urban children ages 10-16

Where: In Tbilisi at the Bukia Garden

Project Leader: Mother Tekle is also Director at the Community College for Decorative Gardening under the Georgian Patriarchy at the Tbilisi Sameba Cathedral
( a.k.a.The Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi ).

Current Needs:

  • Funds for instructors
  • Funds for children’s meals
  • Funds for working tools (pliers, hoe, wheelbarrow, irrigation)
  • Funds for garden inventory (tables, benches)
  • Funds for study materials
    Total funding needed: $8200           


AFG Accomplishments:
From 2002-2005, AFG provided support for this project so that Mother Tekle could run a summer ecological education program for poor urban children who had no other chance for a summer holiday:
  • Provided funds for the construction of a small one-room wooden schoolhouse, renovation of the greenhouse and fountain in Bukia Garden.
  • Provided funds for compensation of the ecology instructors, the purchase of teaching materials, one meal a day for the students and transportation for field trips to ecologically sensitive areas.