Street & Abandoned

One of the most heartrending situations for Georgians was seeing children as young as three abandoned on the streets. This was a new crisis for Georgia—once the most prosperous republic in the Soviet system. AFG is helping our Georgian partners to provide these street children with sanctuary, education and loving care.

  • Dzegvi Orphanage/Bediani Village – Dozens of children of all ages saved from a life on the streets. (Learn More click here)
  • NGO Biliki – In Gori, young children too poor to attend school have been rescued from a life of begging on the streets. (Learn More click here)
  • Telavi Orphanage and Boarding School — An impoverished state run orphanage in Eastern Georgia which receives refugee and poor children from the region whose families cannot afford to keep them. (Learn More click here)
  • Children’s Emergency Fund — This fund provides assistance to Georgian children in crisis for the purchase of food, medicines, clothing and shelter. (Learn More click here)

Former street children at Dzegvi Orphanage