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Keso and other recipients of AFG’s Higher Education Scholarship Fund

The Higher Education Scholarship Fund makes it possible for orphans and former street children from the Bediani Children’s Village and Dzegvi Orphanage to attend university – a crucial step in obtaining financial security and building a safe and independent life.

Keso at Dzegvi Orphanage many years ago

Funding covers tuition, living expenses and books. Since the fund began in 2005, thirty-one former street children from Bediani and Dzegvi have obtained or are in the process of obtaining a higher education degree.

Mishka is a graduate of Ilia State University and is studying for a Masters in International Relations at Tbilisi State University.

Vazha (Mishka) moved into the Dzegvi Orphanage when he was 3 years old, along with his brother and two sisters. He and his siblings moved to Bediani Village and lived there for 11 years. Mishka graduated from Ilia State University in Arabic Language and Literature and is now studying for a Masters in International Relations at Tbilisi State University.

Mishka singing with younger kids at Bediani Village in December, 2016




Mishka is still a part of the Bediani family, coming back on university vacations to spend time at the center and serve as a mentor to children currently living at Bediani.




Tamar loves painting and plans to become an art therapist.

Tamar came to Dzegvi Orphanage when she was two years old and lived there for much of her childhood, before moving to Bediani to complete her high school education. Tamar is in her second year in the Psychology Faculty at the University of Georgia.

Nodar lived with his grandmother and brother in Dzegvi Orphanage until the age of nine, and then moved to Bediani to complete his schooling. He went on to study Art History at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, where he was one of the top students.

Nodar is a junior faculty member at the Academy of arts

In 2015, Nodar began a Masters program in Art History at the Academy of Arts, and after graduating became a junior faculty member at the Academy. He also received a grant from the Academy to travel to Florence to study and has a great interest and works in Khevsuretian archeological sites.

Natia studies broadcasting and journalism

Natia lived in the Dzegvi Orphanage before completing her secondary education in Bediani. She graduated in 2014 with her first degree in German Language and Literature from Ilia Chavchavadze University in Tbilisi.  She is now in her 4th and final year studying Broadcasting and Journalism (Honors) on half scholarship at Limkokwing University in Malaysia.  She is required to complete her final semester in London. Natia is doing very well with her studies and during her holidays, she works as a reporter on Georgian TV.

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