Former Georgian Ambassador to the U.S

Former Minister of Health’s letter

National Cancer Center letter

Former Georgian Ambassador to U.N.

Comments made by Georgian partners after a reception and speech made by Marusya Chavchavadze about AFG’s work in Georgia. This took place at the Georgian State Museum on June 12, 2003:

Dr. Levan Bakanidze of the National Cancer Centre in Tbilisi on our help to renovate and update the Children’s Department—

“The importance of AFG is that it is doing real things.”

“I can’t wait to show you the Children’s Department. I want you to see what we’ve done.”

Dr. Tengis Gvasalia, Director of the Children’s Tuberculosis Hospital in Tbilisi—

“When Marusya first came to Georgia, the most important thing was that she was looking for the right people to trust. It is very important because lots of people and organizations are coming to help Georgia but not a lot of real things have happened. In fact, lots of things are lost and not going in the right direction. It is very important to have the right people.”

Abbess Mariam of the Transfiguration Convent in Tbilisi talks about Dzegvi Orphanage—

“Marusya is the bravest person. When she first came to the convent, it was just ruined—street children running around everywhere…But she believed it was possible to make something from this ruin. She was not scared to see this crazy situation.”

Abbess Mariam talks about her Mercy Center—

“Terminally ill Georgians without anyone to care for them can die with dignity.”

Dr. Nestan Duduchava, Director of the Tbilisi Psychiatric Dispensary, on AFG’s help for her elderly patients—

“You must be sure that your help prevented many tragedies and saved many deserved but lonely and disadvantaged persons.”

Mari Mgebrishvili, Director of NGO Biliki in Gori, about our help for her street children’s program—

“I understand that the U.S.A. economy is in hard condition. I thank you and AFG for helping our children.”

Dr. Zaal Mikeladze, pediatrician at Bobokvati Clinic in Adjara—

“Your help shows the children that someone, somewhere in the world cares.”

Manana Chubanidze, International Assistance for Children Suffering from Leukemia—

“Let me express once more my deepest gratitude for your attention and support.”

Abbess Elizabeth, St. Nino’s Nunnery Medical Clinic in Poka, Javakheti, on why AFG’s help to start her clinic is so necessary—

“It is so freezing cold in Poka that for five months you cannot get out to the rest of Georgia. It really is the Siberia of Georgia.”

Tamar Gagoshidze, NGO Psychometric and Consultation Association in Tbilisi—

“Toys are very helpful for our work, all our staff dreamt about this kind of developmental toys. Our children will benefit from these toys.”

Dr. Shota Japaridze, who is doing Cochlear implants on deaf children at the Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic in Tbilisi—

“Another cause of so much deafness is from usage in Georgia of amino glycosides in children under a year old.”

Quotations from Georgian newspapers about the American Friends of Georgia: Newspaper:
“Sakartvelos Respublika” (Republic of Georgia)

“A wise man said – charity is a destiny of the distinguished. Numerous international donor organizations work today in Georgia, but the fact, that someone in a far away country tries his best for the welfare of Georgian people, is an outstanding and good example to be followed indeed.”

“NGO American Friends of Georgia was founded in the United States in 1994…to provide assistance to socially unprotected citizens of Georgia.”

“As early as in 1994, when the population of Georgia was most depressed, the Organization managed to arrange medical, educational, economic, social and other significant problems in particular, managed to help street children, handicapped, children diseased with tuberculosis and cancer, mentally diseased children and single old people.”

“One of the directions of American Friends of Georgia is popularization of Georgian culture abroad.”

Newspaper: “Mtavari Gazeti” (The Main Newspaper)

“This organization does not only help neglected and disabled children; for years American Friends of Georgia helped pay for the treatment of mentally disabled and elderly. But, as we mentioned, the organization is considering assisting children as its highest priority.”

Newspaper: “Dilis Gazeti” (Morning Paper)

“We are often letting our readers know about American Friends of Georgia’s work in helping street children, disabled children, children with TB and cancer, elderly and to put a long story short, helping people in need. This work is comprehensive, not one way. It is complex and is currently dealing with 12 different active projects.”

Newspaper: “Tanamemamule”

“Marusya Chavchavadze’s work is directed to one aim, to assist the populace, which is at extreme risk: i.e., street children, mentally diseased humans and the elderly. In addition, she puts different programs into practice, where the priority is to help these vulnerable people. We all know how difficult times were in 1994 and the aim of AFG stood out which was to help Georgia during the unstable post-Soviet period. It was crucial to help this population with humanitarian, medical, educational, economical, social and any other kind of help.”

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