American Friends of Georgia, Inc. is a U.S. non-profit, non-political 501(c)(3) public charity with tax exempt status, EIN # 13-3797759. The organization's mission is to provide practical humanitarian assistance to vulnerable populations in Georgia in order to improve educational, economic, social, medical and environmental conditions. AFG also supports efforts to preserve and promote Georgian art and culture.

2016 Charity Gala ‘Restore Life’

December 16th, 2016 by

AFG held a very successful Christmas Charity Gala “Restore Life” on Saturday, December 10, 2016 in Tbilisi, Georgia, to restore a tradition of philanthropy and to benefit the most needy children and elderly in Georgia. … Continue reading

Dzegvi Shelter Building Fund

September 17th, 2016 by

AFG has undertaken a huge task with a VERY TIGHT DEADLINE, and we need the support of everyone who cares about Georgia. THE FINANCIAL PLAN FOR THE $264,000 DZEGVI SHELTER RENOVATION PROJECT involves two main sources … Continue reading

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