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AFG seeks to improve the lives and well-being of the Georgian people by partnering with donors and international organizations to fund and strengthen local nonprofits.

Our Program Areas


We aim to ensure access to an education and a chance at a better life for all Georgians.


We seek to improve the treatment and living conditions for seriously ill Georgians and their families.


We believe that by providing skills and work experience to Georgians without opportunities, we are both fostering a stronger community and allowing Georgians to build a future for themselves.


We celebrate and believe in preserving the rich cultural heritage of Georgia, and work to promote Georgian art and artists.

What Makes Us Unique

Since 1994, AFG has been driven by a desire to follow Georgians’ lead and respect the voices of Georgians in need. Rather than assuming that we know best how to help, AFG is flexible in our application of funding and are guided by the changing needs of our programs and partners. Operating in this way allows AFG to:


React quickly to developing problems

Cultivate trust with our partners

Fill in the gaps that larger organizations have been unable to fund

Provide funding over a longer period of time, allowing local nonprofits to create innovative solutions and tailor programs to their specific needs and priorities

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