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Bediani Children's Village

Founded in 1998 by Abbess Mariam and AFG, the Bediani Children’s Village provides a nurturing community and education for orphans and children from families in poverty.

Set in the beautiful mountainside village of Bediani located southeast of Tbilisi, the Children's Village consists of 12 homes where families reside alongside orphans and their live-in caregivers.

In 1998, 60 children moved from Dzegvi Orphanage to Bediani to live in a healthier environment outside of a shelter. Alongside a conventional education at the village school, children at Bediani learn how to garden and farm.

With assistance from AFG's Higher Education Scholarship Fund, many of the children have been able to go on to higher education and beyond.

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Over 120

Total children served since 1998

8-17 years

Age range of children

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Beginning in 2017, residents of Bediani Children's Village have managed a 3ha farm in Tsalka where they grow potatos, wheat, and barley.

The food grown on this farm is used to feed residents at Bediani and Dzegvi Shelter community and much of it is sold to generate income for the community. The proceeds go towards making the Village self-sustainable.


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