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Nikozi Art Education & Rehabilitation Center

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The village of Nikozi, located just inside the border with South Ossetia, was deeply affected by the 2008 Russian invasion of Georgia. In the aftermath, a Georgian Bishop, Metropolitan Isaiah, started an after-school enrichment program to help children and adolescents heal their emotional trauma through the visual and performing arts


As the program quickly ran out of space in the Bishop's monastery, AFG stepped in and, in cooperation with the Embassy of Japan in Tbilisi, completed construction on a new art and vocational education center in 2013.

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The rehabilitation center provides care to the war-affected children and adolescents of Nikozi through art and vocational education. The programs cover a wide range of topics including folklore, animation, shadow theater, handcrafts, ceramics, music, puppets, computer skills, painting, and foreign languages. 

All the programs are free for the students. 

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