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Caring for kids with leukemia during COVID-19

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

As part of our COVID-19 Georgia Relief Fund, American Friends of Georgia has teamed up with the International Women’s Association (IWA) in Georgia to provide the young patients at the Iashvili Children’s Central Hospital with nutritional services that are unavailable through the clinic. The program also provides art rehabilitation to help these young patients navigate a difficult time, testing for the virus and a psychologist for both the children and their families. This is the only hospital in Georgia where children with leukemia and lymphoma can receive treatment. Current funding covers ten months and is running out.

High quality foods rich in vitamins and calcium such as vegetables, fruit and dairy products are a critical need for the children undergoing chemo and other treatments. Providing a good nutritional program helps to ensure the best outcome for these children. Food is sourced at a local business with a reputation for providing nutritious whole foods and is delivered fresh twice a week.

Top: Food is delivered and served to patients by hospital staff twice a week. Bottom left: Lile enjoying a meal of fresh vegetables. Bottom right: Sophie playing a puzzle game with her mother, Mari, and Tamta.

There are currently 36 children receiving services through this program at Iashvili Children’s Central Hospital. Among them is Irakli, who is 5 years old and comes from Khobi - a small town on the coast of the Black Sea. The center is a life saver for Irakli, whose options for treatment are limited by the family’s income. Irakli is currently undergoing the first of three courses of treatment. Lile, just 2 years old, is one of the center's youngest patients. Lile is from Batumi, also on the Black Sea just north of the Turkish border. Lile’s mother has just given birth to her second child so Lile is being cared for by her beloved grandmother Irma while she undergoes treatment. Four-year-old Sophie, one of four children, is currently a patient at Iashvili Children’s Central Hospital. Her mother, Mari, is employed at one of Georgia’s best health insurance providers. Sophie, who is doing well, has leukemia and has already undergone 2 courses of treatments.

Please consider making a donation to help us continue this program for the children in the coming months.

Thank you very much for your support of the COVID-19 Georgia Relief Fund.


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