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Georgian Dance Class

At the heart of Georgian culture lies its traditional dances, characterized by their complexity and symbolism.

American Friends of Georgia serves an important role to the children of Dzegvi shelter, by providing them not only with crucial assistance but with cultural education.

Just last month, the Dzegvi shelter community held Georgian dance classes for the children there. By learning and performing these dances, younger generations not only connect with their cultural roots but also gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of their heritage. 

Children from the Dzegvi shelter take a Georgian dance class 2024

We have watched many of Dzegvi’s children grow and develop a sense of identity and belonging, helping them foster pride in their cultural heritage. Seemingly simple activities like this are meant to strengthen their self-esteem and help them navigate life with confidence and resilience.

This past year at the Nikozi International Animation Festival, an annual event we proudly support, children from the choreographic ensemble of Nikozi Art School dressed in traditional Chokha-Akhalukhi dress performed Georgian and Ossetian folk dances. 

Children from the choreographic ensemble of Nikozi Art School perform at the Nikozi International Animation Festival in 2023

Through dance, stories of the past are retold, and ancestral memories are kept alive. By involving children in the practice of traditional Georgian dance, Georgian heritage is perpetuated, ensuring that the legacy of Georgian culture thrives.


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