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Dzegvi Shelter Community

The only free shelter of its kind in Georgia, the Dzegvi Shelter was established in 2010 to provide crucial assistance to those with nowhere else to go.
Dzegvi was designed to create a sense of community and belonging in individuals with mental or physical special needs, as well as adults and children coping with homelessness and other challenges.

Dzegvi is not only a shelter but a full residential community, offering educational and vocational programs and social services for adults and children.


All facilities are entirely communal and managed by residents, including a playground, classrooms, a library, play spaces, and as of 2020, we have two new greenhouses. One of which is designed to be used by residents to grow strawberries as an additional way to raise operational funds.

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Average number of residents per year

1 month - 90 years

Age range of residents

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