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New Project! Solar panels at Dzegvi Shelter Community!

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Dzegvi kids outside the newly renovated Dzegvi building.

AFG is partnering with Enovus, a solar and green energy company in Georgia, to

install solar power at Dzegvi Shelter Community.

Dzegvi Shelter Community houses 88 individuals on average per year, roughly 20 percent are children under 18. The shelter is supported by funds from American Friends of Georgia that pay for electricity and other communal expenditures.

Artist’s render of soloar panels at Dzegvi Shelter

AFG has been asked to contribute $15,000 toward the total cost of the project, estimated at $61,000.00, which includes equipment, installation, maintenance, outreach and education. Enovus is contributing $6,000 in in-kind labor and support. AFG has applied to USAID for a grant of the remaining $40,000. We hope that you will contribute to AFG’s efforts to make the Dzegvi Shelter Community sustainable.

Our plan for installing solar power at Dzegvi Shelter entails purchasing, installing,

and managing an 80 Kilowatt solar station for the Dzegvi Shelter enabling the

community to become more energy independent and freeing up community funds

for other needs, including food, healthcare, and education. The project includes

an exciting educational outreach component that will bring school children

and university students from across Georgia to Dzegvi Shelter for seminars and

training sessions using the solar installation at the Shelter to raise awareness of

the renewable energy solutions in Georgia and draw young people into the field of

sustainable energy technologies.


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