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A Successful AFG Board Supper

There are five men standing in a circle having a conversation
Bishop Saba Intskirveli, Deacon Pavle Zakaraia, Ambassador David Zalkaliani, Mamuka Tsereteli, and Sergi Nakaidze

We were happy to see our supporters and friends of Georgia gathered for our annual board supper in Washington, DC. Considering the past few years of virtual meetings, it meant a lot for us to see everyone in one space again. The event was dedicated to acknowledging our achievements over the year, discussing current and primary projects, and further deepening ties between Georgian and American people in order to provide long-term support to Georgia’s most vulnerable. We are excited for future collaborations towards our common goal of improving the lives of the Georgian people.

We are so grateful to everyone who was able to attend the supper this year. It was a true honor to have the US ambassadors to Georgia John Tefft and John Bass, the head of the Georgian Diocese in North America Bishop Saba Intskirveli, Deacon of St.Tamar Georgian Orthodox Church Father Pavle Zakaraia, AFG board members, and representatives of the Georgian Diaspora. We helped to welcome the new Georgian Ambassador to the US David Zalkaliani who once again reaffirmed his desire to strengthen Georgia-U.S. ties.

Special thanks to Supra restaurant and the Nelms for hosting, and President of the America-Georgia Business Council Mamuka Tsereteli for acting as our tamada.

A sincere thank you to everyone in attendance!


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