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Celebrating Independence Day of Georgia

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

The independence day post showing several pictures from the history of Georgia, as well as Georgian alphabet.

On this day 104 years ago, the Georgian nation once and for all chose sovereignty and freedom by officially declaring its independence from the Russian Empire. Since then 26th of May has been a special commemoration that reflects the diligence of the Georgian people who maintained a historical continuity of statehood that has been frequently interrupted but never extinguished.

On the left side there is an act of independence with the signatures on it. On the right side there are the council members who signed the act of independence of Georgia.
The National Council of Georgia declaring Georgia’s independence. May 26, 1918.

For more than a century, this day has always been remarkably celebrated as it expresses the collective pride of Georgians in restoring and celebrating prosperity and independence. Georgian people honor the country's historical and contemporary achievements with political speeches and ceremonies, flag hoisting, festivals, and traditional supra (Georgian Feast). This year for the first time in annual independence day celebrations, the anthem of the European Union was performed that further showcased the western path of the country and its people.

Aircrafts are flying on the sky of Tbilisi trailing the colors of Georgian flag - red and white. Three military members are holding the flag of Georgia while more soldiers behind perform in a parade.
Photo: David Tabagari, Tbilisi, Georgia, May 26, 2022

As a Georgian, May 26 is the day I give myself a chance to revive the past, pay tribute to the ones who sacrificed their lives to guarantee the freedom of younger generations, and most importantly, think about my role in the country's development. For me, the independence day is when the pride of being Georgian intersects with the constant thought of the future of the country, and the responsibility of maintaining and improving what was given to us.

-Mariam Lomtadze

Happy independence day to Georgia! We wish you peace and joy on this special day.


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