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Children with leukemia need our help

For years now, AFG has been providing important resources to improve the care of children suffering from leukemia at the Hematology/Oncology Clinic at the Iashvili Children's Hospital in Tbilisi. Our help became much more important during the Covid-19 pandemic. Even now as much of the world is receiving vaccinations, Georgia is still struggling with high infection rates and little trust in the vaccines. The percentage of vaccinations is very low, with nearly 50 deaths per day.

Sadly, children are now arriving to the hospital diagnosed with both leukemia and Covid. Some as young as 5 or 6 years old. Perhaps now more than ever, these children are in dire need of our help. For the last year, AFG has been providing nutritious food for the 40 children now being treated in the Clinic. These nutritious meals are incredibly important for the children and their families to withstand their long-term treatments.

Funding also goes toward Covid testing for the children and their families to ensure that the virus is not easily able to spread at the Clinic.

We are in desperate need of your help in order to continue to provide this type of support. We cannot overstate how important this work is. Please consider giving at the link below.

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