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Collecting Supplies For Ukrainians

Updated: May 22, 2022

The woman in the black coat is standing next to the box of supplies in grocery store.
Lena, the director of the Georgian office is picking up supplies for Ukrainians.

AFG is working with groups of Ukrainian refugee volunteers in Georgia who have established a supply chain from Tbilisi overland and by air to hospitals in the Ukrainian cities of Zaporozhye, Kharkiv, and Dnipro. The Ukrainian Embassy is maintaining lists of supplies requested by the hospitals.

Our Georgian Office is helping to purchase, gather, pack, and ship, bandages, betadine, gloves, glucometers, various pressure medicines, euthyrox, painkillers, generic medicines, hygiene items, and dry foods such as rice, sugar, oil and pasta. AFG negotiates with different medical suppliers and distributors to purchase medicines and supplies at the best rates. Ukrainian and Georgian volunteers go together to pick and pack supplies to send to the Ukrainian destinations on the supply chain. The Ukrainians arrange to have the boxes shipped to Ukraine.

In Tbilisi, we are arranging an art rehabilitation program for Ukrainian children. We have located space for the program in a public school and have found artists to work with the children in the program. We are searching for accommodations for the refugees, mostly women, and are helping them to find work.

Please give generously to support Georgians Helping Ukrainians.


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