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Consider joining the AFG Legacy Society

“Everything you give away remains yours

and everything you keep is lost forever.”

- Shota Rustaveli, 12th century Georgian poet,

from the poem The Knight in the Tiger’s Skin

Two young female students look into the camera at the Nikozi Center

Two young students at the AFG supported project, Art Education & Rehabilitation Center in Nikozi.


Join American Friends of Georgia's Legacy Society and help to keep our mission strong and vital into the future.

American Friends of Georgia inspires philanthropy and strengthens communities. We are

honored to have Peter Skinner join our Legacy Society.

Peter Skinner, in front of the stunning Nakarala Ridge, in the Racha Range (2800 m), Northern Imereti, Georgia

"A visit to Georgia (the first of five since 2007) sparked an immediate enthusiasm in me for this

exceptionally welcoming, scenic, highly cultured, and has-experienced-it-all nation. But lengthy explorations throughout Georgia revealed that recent history had not treated the country kindly, and many human needs were unmet.

In looking for ways to provide some help, I came across the AFG, which since 1994 has been doing impressive in-the-field, hands-on work in health, education, housing and other areas of need. I am pleased to make AFG a beneficiary of my will – and urge others to consider this rewarding step."

~ Peter Skinner is an historian and the author of Georgia: The Land Below the Caucasus, available at Prospero’s Bookshop, 34 Rustaveli Avenue, Tbilisi.


If you would like to talk to someone about joining the AFG Legacy Society, please call Marusya Chavchavadze, Executive Director, at 508 349 2180 or email

Providing a long-term gift to American Friends of Georgia, Inc. will allow your legacy to live on and provide support to the Georgian community, including the most vulnerable children and elderly, environmental challenges, and preserving Georgia’s unique past as the country grows and adapts to changing needs. American Friends of Georgia, Inc. has been aiding the Georgian people for over 25 years through its adjustment from a Soviet Republic to an independent democratic country.

Where do legacy gifts go? Unless the gift is designated for a specific project, planned gifts go towards our legacy fund. This fund is designed to be used to continue our important long-term programs to ensure AFG's ability to continue into the future. Is there a minimum donation to join the circle? No, any amount is welcome. AFG relies upon donations of all sizes, and all go towards helping those who need it most.

How do I include American Friends of Georgia in my planning? AFG is a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible organization with an Employer Identification Number 13-3797759. Once you reach seventy and a half years of age, gifts which are made to AFG directly from your IRA will reduce your taxes on your Required Minimal Distribution by the amount of the gift. It’s called a “Qualified Charitable Donation” and if you are required to take your Required Minimum Distribution, and you have your financial institution issue the check directly to AFG from your IRA account, then you satisfy part (or all) of the Required Minimum Distribution and not pay tax on it. If you are considering leaving a legacy gift to American Friends of Georgia, we strongly recommend that you speak with your lawyer, accountant or other estate professional, as well as with your family, to make sure that your wishes are clearly known. For your convenience, we’ve provided a few examples of will clauses. Your lawyer or accountant will help you adapt these clauses to best fit your needs in leaving a gift to American Friends of Georgia, Inc. The following are samples of the instruments available under the US tax regulations for you to continue to support and make a difference in Georgia while you and your family receive the tax benefits. Specific gift: “I direct my trustees to deliver, pay or transfer the sum of $________ to American Friends of Georgia, Inc. for its general purposes.” Remainder or residue gift: “I direct my trustees to deliver, pay or transfer the residue of my estate to American Friends of Georgia, Inc. for its general purposes.” Percentage: “I direct my trustees to deliver, pay or transfer _________ per cent (or share) of the residue of my estate to American Friends of Georgia, Inc. to be used for its general purposes.” Adding a Codicil to an existing will: If you have already written your Will, you can include AFG by adding a codicil which avoids the expenses of changing your will. Gifts in the form of charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, retirement plan assets, or life insurance can also be used to make a legacy gift to AFG.

American Friends of Georgia would be honored to be included in the making of your legacy


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