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Food and Play at Iashvili Center for Children with Leukemia

Throughout the height of the pandemic American Friends of Georgia helped to support the children at Iashvili Hospital with healthy food, masks, and covid tests. Thankfully, the need for masks and tests has diminished, but the delivery of healthy food is still vital for healing and health. Nutritious meals are incredibly important for children during their long-term treatments.

A young patient hard at work

High-quality foods rich in vitamins and calcium such as vegetables, fruit, and dairy products are a critical need for children undergoing chemo and other treatments. Providing a good diet helps to ensure the best outcome. Food is sourced at a local business with a reputation for providing nutritious whole foods and is delivered fresh twice a week.

Children at Iashvili Hospital playing with their Psychologist Tamta

American Friends of Georgia’s program to provide the young patients at the Iashvili Children’s Central Hospital with nutritional services is a vital supplement to regular hospital services. AFG also funds an art rehabilitation program to help these young patients navigate difficult time. For children undergoing chemo and radiation treatments, a period of creative play is a welcome interlude and a source of strength.

For years now, American Friends of Georgia has been providing important resources to improve the care of children suffering from leukemia at the Hematology/Oncology Clinic. This is the only clinic in Georgia where children suffering from leukemia and lymphoma are treated. We cannot overstate how vital this work is for these children and their families. Your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate $5 or $500. Every little bit helps.


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