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Meet Brave Children at Iashvili Hospital

For years now, AFG has been providing important resources to improve the care of children suffering from leukemia at the Hematology/Oncology Clinic at the Iashvili Children's Hospital in Tbilisi. This is the only clinic in Georgia where children suffering from leukemia and lymphoma are treated and thus providing appropriate resources is vital for the well-being of children at Iashvili hospital.

Children at Iashvili Enjoying Their Afternoon Gathering

In the Summer of 2018, a few days before Luka should have gone to school with his 8 siblings, he was diagnosed with Leukemia. Since then, the now 10-year-old is bravely fighting for his life.

Luka Sakhelashvili With His Dad

Luka’s journey against acute leukemia has not been easy. Two relapses, several surgeries, severe pain, and chemotherapy treatments have not stopped Luka from becoming an inspiration of bravery for other children at Iashvili hospital.

Nikoloz and His Drawings

5-year-old Nikoloz is one of the several children inspired by Luka’s courage. Nikoloz is a talented young artist whose drawings light up hallways at Iashvili Children's Hospital. His positive mindset can be easily detected in colorful paintings in which Nikoloz depicts his optimism and love of life.

Drawing of One of the Children at Iashvili Hospital

With your assistance, AFG was able to support children with Covid tests, necessary equipment, and medical procedures. Your support has made significant positive changes in the lives of the most vulnerable Georgian children.

We invite you to help children at Iashvili hospital in their journey to return to the childhood they deserve. With your support, we will be able to help them gain a wonderful future!


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