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Introducing some very good friends to you!

Greater Caucasus Mountains, Racha Region, October in the AFG 2022 Calendar by Ned Pennock

We want to introduce you to some of Georgia’s American friends!

Carol and Ned Pennock have been supporters and volunteers of AFG’s projects in Georgia for nearly a decade. In their own words:

"Our relationship with AFG started shortly after we arrived in Tbilisi for a temporary work assignment. Marusya’s cousin, a college classmate of ours, had connected us online, so we were excited to meet in person when Marusya was in Tbilisi in October 2014. Our friendship with Marusya, Lena, and Mother Mariam began that day. Their dedication to their work for the neediest members of Georgian society was palpable, and we knew immediately that we would try to help in any ways we could.

It has been a complete pleasure for us to work with Marusya, Lena, and others involved in various AFG projects. We have met so many friends, and feel like we have been privileged to be able to help people who really, really need help."

-Ned and Carol Pennock

From left to right: Ned and Carol Pennock in Georgia, Carol Pennock out shopping for clothes for the children of Dzegvi Shelter and Biliki, a brand new washing machine installed at Dzevi Shelter, Ned and Carol with AFG's executive director, Marusya Chavchavadze.


Ned and Carol lived and worked in Georgia for almost 3 years and during that time, they helped AFG’s projects in any way they could. They purchased and helped to install a much needed washing machine and generator at our Dzegvi Shelter Community. They purchased clothes and shoes according to the sizes needed for the children at Biliki and Dzegvi. When AFG began the search for funding for rehabilitation of a building on the grounds of the Dzegvi Shelter Community, Ned was there to take photos to document the dire state of the building. They worked with Dzegvi’s director and maintenance supervisor to purchase tools and other supplies to maintain the shelter. They visited our Mercy Center Hospice to research funding options. They wrote and coordinated a grant application to preserve an historic property. They even hosted me in their apartment in Tbilisi during my month-long annual trip to Georgia for AFG!

We are so grateful to Ned and Carol for their involvement and willingness to go the extra mile for our projects. Many, many thanks, Ned and Carol!

Ned continues to be generous with his time and talent since their return to Ohio by donating his photographs of Georgia's spectacular landscape and wonderful people that he took during their time in Georgia. For the second year in a row, Ned has created a limited run calendar for 2022 with his beautiful photographs of Georgia to exclusively benefit AFG’s year-end appeal.

For a year-end donation of $200 or more we will happily send you a thank you gift of one of Ned’s 2022 calendars.


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