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Join Supra for a Culinary Trip to Georgia!

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

We would like to call your attention to an excellent culinary tour of Georgia run by our good friends and loyal supporters at Supra Restaurant in DC.

The tour is a 12-day mouth-watering trip through Georgia, to Mtskheta, West Georgia, Kazbegi, Kakheti, and, of course, Tbilisi to taste and experience firsthand what makes Georgian cuisine legendary.

Supra Owner Jonathan and Living Roots Travel Guide Tamara invite you to join them on their epic trip to Georgia this fall!

Chopped vegetables, combined with herbs and puréed walnut sauce, make up the bright colored balls of ‘pkhali’ /Supra

Between the 4th and 16th of October, you'll pick grapes in Imereti, hike in breathtaking Kazbegi, make khinkali in the mountain-top village of Tsdo, and eat and drink like Georgian royalty everywhere! Bookending that journey will be a few days in trendy Tbilisi, where we'll try some of the capital's hottest restaurants and even take in a private exhibition by LAMB, the Georgian street artist, who painted Tabla Restaurant's interior. LAMB is holding his show in a 17th-century icehouse recently discovered in his friend's basement. This is a country that lives its history every day!

If seasonal plates and homegrown produce sounds like your kind of thing, then head to Kakhelebi for a wholesome feast of Georgian cuisine | Courtesy of Georgia Tourism

Sign-up ends August 20th, send a note to Jonathan at for more info.


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