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Thank you for a successful 2021 auction!

Our first online auction went smashingly well. A sincere thank you to both donors and bidders whose participation raised $23,000 to help fund our programs in Georgia, which will go a long way to provided life-changing services to those who need it the most. Early in our planning for the auction we received a donation of an original hand-colored map of the Persian Empire including Georgia, printed in 1720. Little did we imagine the map would create so much interest. 6 bidders went toe to toe and bid 34 times before the auction closed at $1,280! Also popular with 5 bidders was the beautiful Georgian carpet from reWoven, preserving traditional carpet weaving by Azeri citizens of Georgia. The carpet sold for $950. There are many other beautiful carpets available at reWoven. We encourage you to explore!

The highest bid in the auction was for AFG's annual tour of Georgia which was sold for $4,200. AFG’s tour is a great way to explore the country, get to know the Georgian people and culture and enjoy Georgia's breathtaking landscapes.

Many people commented on how beautiful the auction was. We think the photos of Georgia and the beautiful artwork from talented artists and photographers living in Georgia, the U.S. and France had much to do with that. We thank all our donors for supporting our cause in Georgia.


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