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Ukrainians in Georgia need your help

A group of 19 children and adults wearing Ukrainian national costumes stand performing national anthems of Georgia and Ukraine
Ukrainian children in Tbilisi sing the anthems of Ukraine and Georgia.

There are currently tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugees in Georgia unable to return to their homes.

We would like to share with you the ways our Georgian Office is working hard to help Ukrainians in Georgia during this critical time.

On March 30th, AFG sponsored the charity event “Unite for Ukraine” in the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia in Tbilisi. The event was organized by Ukrainian volunteers from Zaporozhye and Mariupol who are stranded in Georgia as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Even though they are in need of help themselves, they found the strength to arrange this event in support of their compatriots in Georgia and at home. AFG provided shirts and souvenirs for the event as well as national costumes for the children’s performances. The children performed dances, poems, and traditional Ukrainian songs, and sold paintings and handmade accessories to benefit Ukrainian refugees. The emotional evening concluded with singing the Ukrainian and Georgian national anthems, and everyone burst into tears.

American Friends of Georgia has lengthy experience providing art rehabilitation and education for vulnerable Georgian children, including those traumatized by the Russian invasion of Georgia in 2008. Our experience providing this type of care has prepared us to set up a similar program in a school in Tbilisi for Ukrainian children traumatized by the invasion of Ukraine. We also plan to help Ukrainian women in Georgia find employment as we did for internally displaced Georgian women in 2008.

Additionally, AFG is sending funds via the Ukrainian Embassy in Tbilisi to purchase medicines, which are transported by Ukrainian volunteers into Ukraine.

Please give generously to support Georgians Helping Ukrainians.


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