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Children of Nikozi virtual screening

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

American Friends of Georgia is pleased to present a virtual screening of Nino Benashvili’s film, Children of Nikozi, a short film about Metropolitan Isaia’s work with war-affected children in the village of Nikozi and his Nikozi International Animation Film Festival, two programs which American Friends of Georgia helps to support.

The film will be followed by an exclusive interview of the filmmaker recorded by AFG for this screening.


Thursday August 11, 2022, 6:30 pm EST

31 minutes

The film will be available for streaming until 11:45 pm, August 25, 2022

Tickets: pay what you like, $5 minimum.

All proceeds to benefit American Friends of Georgia and our projects in Nikozi.


This universal story of the healing power of the arts is told through the many voices of Nikozi’s villagers, their frequent guests, famous artists, and the festival’s audience.

In Nikozi, Georgia, a short distance from territory violently occupied by Russia in 2008, Metropolitan Isaia founded the Art Rehabilitation and Education Center and later the International Animation Film Festival as a powerful way to counteract the ravages of war, turning to art as a source of healing for everyone and especially the children. The Nikozi International Animation Film Festival proudly hosts animators from around the world.

For the people of Nikozi and the people who are their guests, the film festival is a symbol of hope. During the festival which takes place in September, Nikozi becomes a place without borders, where enemies can have a dialogue, where art is used to heal the wounds of war. Everyone who visits Nikozi is adopted by this place.

Nino Benashvili is a Georgian filmmaker and photographer, currently based in New York City. Her debut film, Children of Nikozi, is an award winning medium-length documentary, which has been included in several festivals and won the Bronze Remi Award at the Houston International Film Festival in 2021.

I watched the villagers, the Archbishop, the frequent guests prepare for the festival; there was a great sense of unity. In awe I observed, filmed, and interviewed Nikozians old and young; how bravely they approached the uncertain future, how grateful they were for what little they had, and how warm heartedly they received everyone in a place where good and beautiful competes against war and destruction. ~ Nino Benashvili


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